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Bridal Veil Fabric and Colors
Left to Right: White, Diamond White, Ivory, Dark Ivory, Beige

All of our bridal veils are created from Bridal Illusion Tulle, a soft tulle that is made especially for bridal veils.  We do have other materials available at special request.  These include Silk Tulle, English Net, Chiffon, and Organza.  Please email us regarding a bridal veil made from these materials.

We STRONGLY recommend that you order swatches if you are unsure of the correct color for your gown.  

If you have a PURE white bridal gown, then there is no doubt that the White will match.  However, for Ivory bridal gowns in particular, there is a great variance in color among manufacturers.  Some are so light that the Diamond White veiling may be the best match, others will match better with the Ivory or Dark Ivory color veiling.  

The only way to tell for sure is by ordering swatches.

Note: Because of variations on computer monitors and printers, colors might vary slightly.


A pure, bright, stark white - free from any color.

Diamond White

A softer, more muted white.  Slightly off white, it matches diamond white gowns and silk white gowns.  If you have an extremely light ivory gown, diamond white may match as well.


A light ivory color that matches most ivory bridal gowns.

Dark Ivory

A darker ivory color that matches dark ivory gowns as well as many light gold or champagne colored gowns.


Beige is our darkest color option in bridal illusion.  This color works well with Dark Champagne, Dark Gold, or Dark Beige gowns.


All of our wedding veils can be created in Black Bridal Illusion as well.


All colors are also available with a Glimmer finish.  This is a finish applied to the veil material that gives a slight glimmer/shimmer effect.  Beautiful in the sun or spot light!

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