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Wedding Veil Testimonials pg 2



Fingertip Veil.  A Diamond white, 2 tier veil, in standard Fullness.  Each tier is 32"/42" long.  Veil is a Mantilla cut and features a pencil edging and lightly scattered crystals (3mm AB crystals) throughout - getting slightly denser towards the bottom of each tier of the veil.  This fingertip veil is attached to a 4.5" metal comb, with velcro for 42" tier to be detachable.

"I thought you may be interested in a picture of the veil in action.  It worked out fantastically!

Kind regards,

Lisa P."



Elbow Veil.  A white elbow veil, 29" long.  Standard cut and standard fullness.  This elbow veil features a silver pencil edging, a single row of small silver-lined bugles all the way around the edge.  A band of scattered pearls approx 1/4" wide, and fading out - replicating gown design - using square rhinestones approx ever 3".  Wedding veil is attached to a 3" clear plastic comb.

"Hi there!

I had my wedding back on October9, 2010.  I had found my dream wedding dress a year before, and was distraught when it came to finding the perfect bridal veil.  I could not find anything close to the design of my dress, and what I did find was out of my budget and still not "the one".  After seeing two seamstresses (no one shared my vision), I desperately turned to the internet, and that's when I found Occansey Designs.  In a frantic "last hope" moment, I contacted Occansey and with fingers crossed, requested a custom bridal veil.  Not only did I find exactly what I wanted online, but when contacting them, they shared my vision and talked with me as though they had my dress in their hands and could read my mind!  Shortly after my request, I received my veil - and I can tell you that I could not be more happy!  The edge of the veil matched the edge of my dress bodice prefectly and was exactly what I was looking for.  I probably would have been willing to drop far too much money on this veil since it turned out so perfect, but the great news is - Occansey Designs SAVED me money.

Thank you, Occansey!  You truly made my day come together.




Fingertip Veil.  A 1 tier bridal veil, 37" long, Standard fullness, Standard cut, 1/8" satin ribbon edging, attached to a 4.5" metal comb.

"Hi Kathy,

I just wanted to thank you all for the beautiful bridal veil you made for my September 2010 wedding! I attached two photos to share it with you. It was exactly what I was looking for! I am so glad that my sister recommended you to me when I was planning my wedding--not only were your veils beautiful, but they are so affordable! You are gem in the wedding industry! Thanks again!




Veil 1:  Chapel Veil.  A 1 tier chapel veil, 90" long, Standard cut, Standard fullness, plain/cut edging.  Lightly scattered 3mm crystals and rhinestones throughout the chapel veil, attached to a 3.25" metal comb.

Reception Veil:  Elbow Veil.  A 1 tier elbow veil, 29" long, Standard cut, Sheer fullness, plain/cut edging, attached to a 3" clear plastic comb.  


I bought two bridal veils from Occansey Designs for my August 14th, 2010 wedding. They both arrived quickly, and were just what I wanted! Thank you!

For the ceremony I wore a single tier, standard cut, plain edge, standard fullness veil in diamond white with 3mm and rhinestones and crystals lightly scattered throughout, set on a 3.25" metal comb. I loved being able to design my custom veil to my exact specifications, and on my wedding day it was just beautiful. It was the one part of my wedding day attire that truly made me feel like a bride.

For the reception I changed into a simple and elegant single tier elbow length veil. It was short enough that it let me dance the night away yet still look and feel bridal.

Thanks again for making my beautiful veils! 

Mrs. Molly (Morse) Silva."



Cathedral Veil.  A 1 Tier Custom Cathedral Veil.  Dark Ivory, Cathedral Length (108" long), Standard fullness (72" wide), Mantilla cut with no gathering at the comb (attached to a 3" clear comb).  Scalloped edging with densely scattered beads approx. 1/2" wide all the way around the bridal veil.  

 "Hello Kathy:

Wanted to share with you how beautiful my cathedral veil looked on my wedding day.  It was the perfect choice for my wedding dress.  Thank you soooo much. I got many compliments on the bridal veil. I was a very happy bride!


Rosa from Dominican Republic"



Drop Veil.  A Drop Veil, total length of 132", plain/cut edging, no attachment (used hat pins to pin in place).

 "I knew the style of wedding veil I wanted, but I had no idea what it was called or where to find it.  A friend of mine suggested I check online, and I ended up at OccanseyDesigns! I couldn't have had better luck! Not only did they offer a great selection of cuts and styles, but having my veil custom made guaranteed that I would have exactly what I wanted on my wedding day. I couldn't be more pleased with the end result. I got so many compliments from my cathedral drop veil- it definitely gave me a 'look' on my wedding day! I went with the drop style veil. I loved it.

Thank you so much!




Elbow Veil.  A White, 1 Tier elbow veil, 29" long, silver pencil edging, standard cut.  Elbow veil is sheer fullness. A single 4mm Swavorksi Bicone crystal spaced every 1.5" along the edge -- with a rhinestone cluster after every 5th crystal. Elbow veil attached to a 3" clear plastic comb.


My daughter & I just wanted to let you know how happy & thrilled we were with our purchase from My daughter was married in a Winter Wonderland wedding on 12-18-10. The custom veil that you helped us design was the perfect compliment to her dress. She wanted an elbow veil that would flatter her dress; not hide or take away from it. The veil we were about to purchase from the store was over $300. You helped us design an identical veil, complete with Swavorski crystals for under $80! We are so glad that a random bride recommended your company to us! Kathy knew exactly what we wanted just from our brief description! Thanks again for all of your help & expertise!

*Kim Francis & Whitney Francis Hall"



Lace Veil. 2 tier wedding veil 27"/108" long. The longest layer is detachable.  Cathedral veil is standard fullness at the bottom, custom cut 54" at the comb.  Wedding veil is standard cut, has plain cut edges along sides, lace edging across the bottom edge of each layer. 

"Thank you for my gorgeous lace veil!"




Lace Veil.  A white veil, 32" long, mantilla cut, sheer fullness.  Lace trim 20282-01-W3.5 in black all the way around the elbow veil.  Lace mantilla veil is attached to a 3" clear plastic comb with no gathering.

"Growing up I had never had a day that was just about me, or half about me anyways.  My parents were never big on birthdays or grads or proms so I never really had any big parties.  Wehn the love of my life (who I had been with since I was 13) asked me to marry him, I wanted to make sure our wedding day was perfect.  We chose a black white wedding, elegant, simple, it was perfect.  The trouble was finding not only a wedding dress that matched my style and colour choices, but also a veil.  After the long, hard search for my dress, it seemed near impossible to find what I was looking for in a veil.  I loved the mantilla style, but it didn't want an overwhelming amount of lace trim (especially since the trim was to be black).  After giving up searching in retail stores in my city, I turned to the internet and found  After a few emails back and forth, I was sent pictures of different trims that they could dye black for me.  I chose a gorgeous, almost vine like trim and within a week or so I received my veil in the mail.  It was beautiful, everything I could have hoped for.  Thank you all so much!  You made a veil that reflected my style and my wedding when no one else could!




Elbow Veil.  A 2 tier wedding veil 24"/29" long.  Extra full, standard cut.  This elbow veil features white glimmer material, a rippled edging, and lightly scattered 3mm crystals and rhinestones throughout.  Veil is attached to a 3" comb with velcro for detachable 29" layer.


I ordered my wedding veil from you this past summer and recently got married (October 7th).  I wanted to share with you some pictures of my elbow veil from that special day!
I took the detachable piece off during the cocktail hour and wore the single the rest of the day.

Thank you again for a wonderful veil and for outstanding customer service!

Michelle M.R."


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