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Veil Cuts & Styles

  Below are brief descriptions of the different Cuts/Styles of Wedding Veils that we currently offer.  You may wish to browse our Testimonial section to see pictures of real brides in our wedding veils.  The fullness and length of a veil will also affect the way the cut looks.

Standard Cut Wedding Veils

Standard Cut Wedding Veils are the most common cut and are always a "safe" choice.  They are cut in a soft rounded shape and can be made in any width you'd prefer (Sheer- 54" wide, Standard- 72" wide, and Extra full- 108" wide).  The edging of the veil runs up the sides and is gathered into the comb.   They can be worn at any placement on your head and can have any number of layers (1,2,3 or more!).  With 2 or 3 layer wedding veils it is optional to use the top layer as a blusher.

Cascading Sides Cut Wedding Veil

These are similar to the way a mantilla veil is cut, except the cascades typically start at a higher point around the shoulders.  Due to the way these are cut, they are naturally more sheer at the comb.  The sides fall in soft folds (cascades).  This bridal veil can have any type of edging; however, any weight on the edge (beading, seed bead, crystal, or rhinestone band) really brings out the cascades beautifully.  These can be worn at any placement and in any number of layers.

Angel Cut Wedding Veil

Angel cut bridal veils are most popular at waltz length (54") or shorter.  Commonly referred to as the V-cut, the angel cut veil is cut so the sides cascade in folds and the back tapers down into a soft point.  Because of the way these are cut we typically do not recommend doing a custom cut fullness at the top of these.  If you'd like the top to be more sheer, we'd recommend combining the angel cut and cascading sides cut, which will naturally be more sheer at the comb. Please email us if you have questions.
 You may make a special request in the comments section when ordering if you'd like the back of your bridal veil to just be slightly rounded instead of coming to an actual point.
  Also, if you like the soft point like the back of the angel cut, but would like the sides of your veil more straight (like a standard cut) instead of cascading - just let us know in the comments section during ordering and we can do that as well!

**On longer veils (those longer than waltz length- 54") the sides of the veil will hang very straight, and only the bottom will come to a point.  If you'd like the sides to fall into cascades on a longer veil, then you may wish to order a cascading sides cut veil and request for the bottom to come to a point like an angel cut.  Please email us if you have questions.

Mantilla Cut Wedding Veil

The mantilla cut veil is very sheer with minimal gathering at the comb.  These are typically cut so they curve softly around the shoulders.  You can also order a Mantilla cut veil with square corners as well (example shown below).
     You can also make a special request to have the veil attached to a 3" clear comb with no gathering at all.  However, when the mantilla bridal veil is attached to a comb with no gathering this cannot be worn right on top of the head unless it has a weighted edging (such as lace).  With no gathering the highest point the veil can be worn is at the crown of your head (pictured below).  If you'd like to wear a mantilla right at the top of your head with as minimal gathering as possible - we suggest ordering it on a metal comb and requesting custom cut fullness of aprox 10-12" at the comb. 
*Email us for a Mantilla veil trimmed in lace.  We have many samples in our Lace Veil Gallery.


Oval Cut Wedding Veil

Cut in a more square shape with only the corners being slightly rounded.  This bridal veil hangs very straight at the sides of and can be made with any number of layers.  The edging of the veil runs up the sides and is gathered into the comb.  Can also be created in any fullness.  With 2 or 3 layer veils the top layer can be pulled forward as a blusher.

Center Gathered Wedding Veils

These are created from a circular cut of fabric that is gathered in the center only.  Because the edging is not gathered into the comb - these typically lay flatter and more sheer at the comb - leaving more material to "swing" at the bottom of the veil.  The edging hangs in a circular shape at the bottom of the bridal veil.  (So it will not come up the sides of the veil like in the Standard cut).  Can only be made in even layers (2 or 4) - as it is impossible to cut into a 1 or 3 layer veil.  The top layer can be pulled forward to be used as a blusher.  

With this style, you can also specify where you'd like the front edges of the veil to end (same length or much shorter than the back).  Shown below are four examples.  The first picture is a regular centergathered veil (with no special requests).  The middle two pictures are both extra full centergathered veils with a special request for the front to be about even with the back. The last picture is a standard fullness bridal veil with a special request for the front to be shoulder length, while the back is elbow length. You may make Special Requests in the comments section during ordering in regards to the length of the front of the veil.

Drop Veil

The sheerest veil of all, the drop veil is a cut of material that is draped over the head with no gathering at all.  Traditionally these are worn over the face- as a blusher.  However, if you wanted to wear it with the top layer pulled back like a sheer 2 layer veil (as pictured below) that's a wonderful option as well.
     If ordered without a comb attached these are held in place with a hat pin - many brides purchase decorative hair pins of their own.  When requested we can attach a clear comb with a strong clear adhesive.  With this option we have to know where to place the comb on the veil so we'll ask for the front blusher length. (Please ask if you have questions on this).
     This veil can be finished with any type of edging. 
     To read more about drop veils and how to properly measure to determine the correct length please visit: How to measure for a Drop Veil.

Be sure to checkout the beautiful pictures of real brides wearing drop veils in our Testimonials.

Standard Cut with Square Corners

This wedding veil is cut the same way as a standard cut veil, except instead of rounding the corners they are left square.  When ordering, you may also make a special request in the Comments Section if you'd like the corners to be cut so that they are a specific number of inches shorter in the front OR if you'd like them the same length as the back (straight across like in the last picture).  If no special comments are made, we'll cut the front just a few inches shorter then the back (like middle picture).  This cut of bridal veil works beautifully with a lace or special trim across the bottom edg

Rectangular Cut Wedding Veils

Cut in a rectangular shape, these are very similiar to centergathered bridal veils.  Instead of the edges being rounded, they are left square.  The corners of the veil will hang down longer than the back length on shorter veils, and shorter than the back length on longer veils (depending on the fullness).  This style can only be created in even layers (2 or 4) as it is impossible to create in 1 or 3 layers.  Can be worn at any placement on your head and look wonderful with gowns that have any type of asymmetrical design.  The corners of this veil hang at the sides, while the back runs straight across.  Looks great worn all behind shoulders.

Handkerchief Cut Wedding Veils

These are very similar to the rectangular cut bridal veils. The one main difference is that the corners are gathered so that they hang down the center back of the veil, and not only at the sides like the rectangular cut. These can be done in 1 layer (Standard handkerchief cut veil) it would have 3 corners instead of 4.

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