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How to Measure for Your Wedding Veil
Cathedral Wedding Veil blowing in the wind
Melissa's Gorgeous Cathedral Wedding Veil! (pg 8 of Testimonials)

All of our Wedding veils can be customized to any length you want!  What is fingertip length on one bride, may not be fingertip length on another bride.  Below is a guide of industry standards for different lengths of wedding veils.  However, you may want to follow our instructions below to measure and be sure that you order the right length of bridal veil for you!

Shoulder Length Veil  : 24"
Elbow Veil  : 29"
Petite Fingertip Veil : 35"
Fingertip Veil : 42"
Waltz Veil : 54"
Chapel Veil : 88"
Cathedral Veil : 108"
Regal Veil  : 120"

Our wedding veils can be ordered online anywhere between 12" - 150".  Looking for a different length of wedding veil?  Just email us!

We offer Wedding Veils that can be customized to the exact length you'd like.  

So how do you know what length of bridal veil to order?  Follow our easy instructions below for measuring to determine the correct length for your custom wedding veil.

Measuring for blusher veil
Place string/ribbon on head (where you'll place the veil) and let it fall in front to determine how long you'd like the blusher to be.
Measuring for a Drop Veil

 To determine the total length for your drop veil:

  1. Select a spot on your head where you believe you'll place the comb or pin the veil in.  Make sure to allow a few extra inches in the front or back if you plan to place the pin/comb over or under a high updo.  
  2. Place a string or ribbon at this spot on your head, and let the string fall over the front of your face.  Do not pull it taught.  
  3. Measure this length out on a ruler - this is your Front Blusher Length.  
  4. Then take a string from the same spot on your head and let it fall down to where you'd like the veil to end in the back.  This works best to actually wear your gown while you measure.  Measure this length out on a ruler as well - without pulling it taut.  This length will be the back length for your drop veil.  
  5. Next, add the front blusher length and the back length together to get the Total length for your Drop Veil. 

For example, if you measure from a spot on your head and the front blusher length is 30", and the back length is 42" - you would add these together for a total length of 72" for your drop veil.

Measuring for all other Wedding Veils

You will measure the same way as for the Drop Veil above, except you will not need to add the numbers together.

  1.  Find a place on your head where you'll be placing the comb.  Try to measure with a similiar hairstyle as wearing your hair up or down can affect the length of the veil.
  2. Place the string or ribbon on your head (where you think you'll be placing the comb) and then let it fall naturally in the back to the length you'd like.  It is best to do this while wearing your wedding gown, especially for longer veils.  If your gown has a full skirt it may measure out differently then if your gown is very slim and form fitting.
  3. Take the string and without pulling it taught, measure out on a ruler.  This is the length for your veil.

For a blusher - do the same thing - just let the string fall in front of your face instead of the back.

Do not stress about getting an exact number, especially for longer veils.  As you wear your veil throughout the day, it will always move around and will not be in one spot.  To order within a couple of inches of what you measured is just fine.  On longer veils we always think it is better to add a couple of inches to be a tad long, rather than too short.




Be sure to check out our Testimonials to see pictures of our veils in action on real brides!  Complete with descriptions, they may help you find the look you are dreaming of!

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