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DR67R- 67 inch Drop Veil with Satin Ribbon Edging
Front Blusher Length (if you'd like the veil attached to a comb)
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Sheer and graceful, this drop veil is a total length of 67" and features a 1/8" satin ribbon edging.  As shown, it is attached to a comb so that there is 25" in the front and approx 42" for the back length.  This can be worn as a traditional drop veil - with the blusher pulled forward.  Or it can be worn with the blusher pulled back - as a simple and sheer 2 tier veil.  If you'd like to customize the length or edging of your drop veil, please follow the link below.

*Traditionally, drop veils are secured onto the head with a hat pin or decorative hair pin.  Using hairpins allows you to adjust the length that you'd like to hang in the front once you receive the veil.  However, we also offer drop veils to be attached to a clear comb, or a tulle wrapped metal comb.  This adds security, and is simple for the bride to place on her head.  However, we do have to know the exact length you'd like to hang in front (front blusher length) so that we'll know where to attach the comb. 

Drop Veil as pictured is:

A Drop Veil - total length of 67". 

1/8" Satin Ribbon Edging

No embellishments - you may add embellishments if desired.

Veil as pictured is attached to a comb with 25" in the front, 42" in the back.  You may order the veil to be attached to a comb or have no comb.

Made of 100% nylon Bridal Illusion Tulle

Handmade in the U.S.A.

Do you like this drop veil, but need to make a few changes?  No problem! 

CLICK HERE to customize the length or even select a completely different edging for your drop veil.

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 All of our Wedding Veils are available in the following colors:

  • White
  • Diamond white
  • Ivory
  • Dark Ivory
  • Beige
  • Black

Any of these can also be ordered with a Glimmer finish, except for Beige.  

If you are unsure of the best color to match your wedding gown, we highly advise ordering samples.

To read more about these colors and order Samples of our bridal veil material - please visit Veil Fabric and Colors


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