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Bridal Veil Edgings

Every bride can customize the wedding veil of her dreams with any of our edge finishes below.  These are the most popular and common finishes.  However, we are not limited to just these.  

If you are looking for a different edge finish - please contact us!  Every bridal veil that we create is custom made.  We've even had brides purchase different trims and mail them to us.  

We are always in pursuit of new and unique edgings for our custom wedding veils.

Plain/Cut Edging
This is a very common edge type for a wedding veil that compliments almost any type of gown.  Because there is no finish on the edging, it gives the wedding veil a more simple and delicate look.  A plain/cut edging on a wedding veil will blend in with a gown almost disappearing, so the gown will take front stage.
Pencil Edging

This edging is considered the "universal" edge for wedding veils - as it also compliments almost any type of gown. It is the smallest edge finish available (approx. 1/16") that is commonly referred to as a fine embroidered edge or rolled edge.  A pencil edging provides a nice thin outline for the edge of your custom wedding veil. We offer this in a variety of colors.  If you select "matching pencil edge" - the color will match the veil color -  White, Diamond white, Ivory, Dark Ivory, Beige, or Black. However, if you'd like this edging in a different color, just let us know what you're looking for and we'll match it!

Silver or Gold Pencil Edging

The silver or gold pencil edging is pencil edge that has metallic gold or silver threads in it.  These finishes offer a very subtle sparkle to the edge of a wedding veil, and compliment beautifully if you have any gold or silver in your gown.  We've even found a combination of both silver and gold threads make a gorgeous edging as well.  This combination often compliments gold gowns quite well - as many times wedding gowns with gold in them also have a bit of silver that goes unnoticed.  

Satin Ribbon Edging

We offer satin ribbon for our wedding veils in 6 sizes:  1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 5/8", and 7/8".  

At special request we can also do wider ribbons.  Typically, the wider the ribbon is the more bold the veil is.  We keep white, diamond white, ivory, dark ivory, and black in stock. However, if you are searching for another color for your bridal veil, just let us know!

Our Satin ribbon edging is carefully sewn to the veil edging.  The edge of the bridal veil is carefully hand-trimmed to be sure that no veil material extends past the ribbon edge. *We've seen untrimmed edges at big name bridal stores - and that's not a sign of quality!

Satin Cord Edging

 Satin cord is a beautiful edging for wedding veils that is approximately 1/8" wide (we use 1mm cord).  It is also commonly referred to as rattail edging.  We stock this is white, diamond white, ivory, champagne, black, and silver (grayish color).  However, we can also do other colors for your bridal veil at special request.   We are commonly asked what is the difference between satin cord and 1/8" satin ribbon - the satin ribbon is completely flat, and satin cord has a more rounded, tubular shape.

Our satin cord edging is carefully sewn to the edge of the wedding veil using an invisible thread.  It is then hand-trimmed and carefully ironed so that the veil material does not extend past the satin cord.  (So the cord is your actual edge).  
*We've seen satin cord and ribbon edgings at big name bridal stores that were untrimmed.  That is not a sign of quality.

Cut Edge Scallops

This is a unique edge type that is delicate and adds just a bit of shape to a cut edge veil.  You may request deep or shallow scallops - email us if you have a specific size request.

We've also done many custom orders with beads along the scalloped edge, or right at the apex.  Beautiful as well!  Email us for a quote.

Rippled Edging

This is a unique edge finish for wedding veils that creates a wave or "ripple" on the edge of the veil.  Thread is bound around a clear line (similar to a fishing line)  that creates the wave.  Therefore, this edge can be created in any color that a pencil edge can be created in. 

Rhinestone Band

Rhinestone banding is a gorgeous band of rhinestones in a clear setting.  This gives a spectacular sparkle to the edge of a wedding veil!  It does add a little bit of weight to a veil.  It is quite common on standard cut veils.  It is typically not recommended for Drop Veils or center gathered veils.  The back of the band would show on those cuts of veils.  In the past, we have added rhinestones to the back side of the band if requested.  However, this is an additional charge and must be set up as a special order.  

Crystal Band

Our Crystal band edging is a continuous row of Czech Fire Polished Crystals.  You may request them in either 3 or 4mm size.  There are so many color options with these crystals.  Clear and with an AB finish is the most common, and is what we keep in stock.  However, we can special order in just about any color - from silver, black, green, gold and more!  Please email us for information about a crystal band in a color other than clear or AB.

Seed Bead Band

The smallest beaded edge for your wedding veil available.  The seed bead band is just slightly smaller than the 3mm crystal band edging.  We have crystal clear, AB crystal, silver lined, and gold lined seed beads available. This is a beautiful edge finish that can be applied to all wedding veil cuts/styles.

*The size 8/0 seed beads can be requested as well - these are are approximately the same size as the crystal band.  

Single Row of Beads Spaced Along Edging

A beautiful edging for any wedding veil - that can be modified easily to fit your design!  We can use any combination of beads in various patterns.  Our bugle beads are very popular and are approximately 1/4" long.  These can be spaced out along the edge of a veil using just bugle beads, or also mixing in other beads as well.  We have silver-lined, gold-lined, clear, clear with an AB finish, Ice, and twisted silver colored bugles in stock. 

These beads are adhered to the edge of the veil using a very strong, clear adhesive.

This option is available to order right online.  On the order form, under the Edgings category - it is the last option.  Just let us know in the comments box what you would like for your pattern!

Unsure of what beads to use?  Email us and we'll help create the best design to compliment your wedding gown.

Below are some examples!



Horsehair braid, also known as crinoline, is one of our hottest trends!  It comes in a variety of widths - from 1/2" wide up to about 4" wide.  2" wide horsehair is our most popular.  This trim is 100% polyester and gives beautiful shape to the edge of a veil.  The slightly stiff edging holds the shape of a veil in a beautiful and graceful way.  It is best used on drop veils, centergathered, or standard cut.  

Laces and Other Trims
Laces and Other Trims

Each and every wedding veil that we make is handmade per order.  So the options for lace veils and other trims are almost unlimited!  We can special order in any lace or trim available online. And of course, if you find a lace or trim locally that you would like to mail to us, that can be arranged as well!  Please visit our Lace Veils page for more information.

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