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Wedding Veil Testimonials pg 8



Cathedral veil.  1 tier wedding veil, 104" long (custom cathedral length), sheer fullness, standard cut.  Cathedral veil features a  plain/cut edge and is attached to a 3" clear comb.

"I ordered my wedding veil in May for our September 2008 wedding in New Orleans, Louisiana,  I must say GREAT quality for an AFFORDABLE price:) Kathy I can not thank you enough, the cathedral veil was  PERFECT:) I believe in supporting great businesses, so I have and will continue to spread the word about Occansey Designs. Thank you for your great service!

Jamie S."



Cathedral veil.  Veil 1 is a 1 tier wedding veil,  Cathedral length (108"), extra full, standard cut.  The cathedral veil features a plain/cut edging.  

Elbow veil.  Veil 2 is a 2 tier elbow wedding veil.  This veil is 29"/29" long, standard fullness and standard cut.  The veil features a plain/cut edging.   

I wanted to send you some pictures of me on my wedding day in my two veils from Occansey Designs.  I LOVED my wedding veils!  The long one was an extra full, 1-tier cathedral length veil.  The short one was a standard-width, two layer elbow length veil.

Thanks again - I *always* recommend Occansey Designs to friends!

-Lauren F."



 Custom Chapel Veil.  1 tier wedding veil 80" long, Glimmer material,  standard  fullness of 72" at the bottom custom cut to 25" at the top (to be more sheer at the comb).  This custom veil features cascading sides cut, a pencil edging, and is attached to a 3.25" metal comb. 

"Hi Kathy,
 I wanted to let you know how much I LOVED my custom wedding veil! It was perfect for my height, my dress, my day! The glimmer option gave it just enough shimmer and texture and it looked so beautiful blowing in the wind during our beach ceremony. 
 Your prices and customer service are unbeatable. I will recommend you to all my friends and ALL future brides!
 Photos courtesy of (the ever talented) Shawn Starr.

Thank you again for an amazing wedding veil!


Melissa L.A. "



Chapel veil. 1 tier wedding veil, 88" long (chapel length), standard fullness (72"), standard cut.  This chapel wedding veil features a  plain/cut edging.  

I have attached a few pictures of your beautiful veils in action.  Thank you for creating such a beautiful product!  My chapel length veil made for some beautiful and dramatic photos!


Jennifer S.


Custom Chapel Veil.  1 tier wedding veil, 82" long, standard fullness of 72" at the bottom, custom cut to 25" at the comb.  Custom veil is standard cut and has a  plain/cut edging.

Shoulder Veil. 2nd veil is a shoulder length veil, 20" long, standard cut and sheer fullness (54" wide).  Shoulder veil features a plain/cut edging.

"Hi,I just wanted to say thank you so much for making my beautiful wedding veils (especially at such a great price!!). Since my dress was so simple, I think my chapel and shoulder length veils really made my 'look' complete. They were gorgeous and fabulous quality. I'm so happy I found you! I have been referring every bride I know to you! 


Jennifer S."



 Cathedral Veil.  1 tier wedding veil,  Cathedral length (108" long),  Mantilla cut with no gathering at the comb.  Veil is extra full (108" wide), rippled edging, very light scattered blue seed beads around edging.  

"Hi Kathy,
The wedding was fantastic and I wanted to show you pictures of the cathedral veil with the dress. Everyone loved it and I've been telling everyone about you in the bride communites I belong to haha. Btw, I was the cathedral bridal veil with the pearls and blue seed beads (rippled edges.)  
I really felt like the custom veil completed my victorian look. Thanks Again Kathy, you really do do amazing work!
--Love and Light'



 Cathedral Veil.  1 Tier wedding veil, Cathedral length (108" long), extra full (108" wide), standard cut.  This cathedral wedding veil features a plain/ cut edging. 

"Dear OccanseyDesigns, 

I just wanted to let you know how much I loved my cathedral veil on my wedding day. It was so beautiful, and exactly what I wanted. I had looked everywhere for the bridal veil I had envisioned in my mind--and you made it a reality!
Thank you! 

Rose R."



Cathedral Veil - 2 Tier.  A 2 tier wedding veil -  26"/108" (elbow/cathedral length).  Veil is sheerfullness (54" wide at the bottom), with custom cut fullness of just 25" at the comb - on both layers.  This custom cut fulness on the veil makes the top very sheer and flat.  The cathedral/elbow veil is standard cut and has a plain/cut edging.

 "Hi Kathy,I just wanted to send you some photos of me in my absolutely perfect cathedral veil at my October 7th wedding - I loved it so much! It was super sheer, and the details on the back of my gown showed through beautifully. 
I appreciate so much your personal help in figuring out what kind of wedding veil to order. Customer service like yours is virtually unheard of, especially in the wedding business. I highly recommend you to brides on The Knot forums whenever anyone asks where to purchase a wedding veil, and I hope that I can send more business your way! 
Please feel free to use these photos and my note in any way you'd like on your website, or to show other potential brides. I could not have been any more pleased with my experience with Occansey Designs!
Thank you so much, 

Kimberly A."




Chapel Veil.  1 Tier wedding veil, Chapel length (88" long), Sheer fullness (54"), oval cut, plain/cut edging.  This chapel wedding veil features lightly scattered bugle beads and rhinestones along the bottom edge, 3" wide, tapering into sides of the veil.  

 "Hello Kathy,
Just wanted to shoot you an email to say how happy I am with my chapel wedding veil. It is perfect. It has the same beading as my dress and it compliments it very well. I received it in time for my 1st fitting and when I tried it on with my dress I truly felt like a bride! Thanks again, your work is beautiful, and I will recommend you to anyone other brides I come across!




Cathedral Veil.  A custom cathedral wedding veil, 110" long.  Veil is standard cut and standard fullness (72" wide).  This cathedral wedding veil features a matching pencil edge.

I have attached a couple of pictures for you from my wedding, feel free to use any or all for your website. The cathedral wedding veil you made was absolutely beautiful and it looked gorgeous with the dress. It flowed in the wind so beautifully and it is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for all of your help and any bride would be wise (and lucky) to have a wedding veil made by you to complete their wedding day look.
Thanks again!



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