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How to Care for Your Wedding Veil

Upon receiving your custom wedding veil, carefully unfold it and hang from the center of the comb- by clipping the comb on a hanger, using your own clip or one of our Veil Clips. (For long drop veils, keep the veil laying flat or draped over a hanger with as few folds as possible). If your wedding is soon approaching (less than a month or two)  keep the wedding veil hanging so that the folds, wrinkles, or creases from shipping may fall out of the material.  The longer the wedding veil hangs, the more the wrinkles will naturally fall out.  We suggest protecting your veil from dust by placing it inside a Protective Garment Bag, or by gently covering it with a cotton pillowcase or sheet (you'll need to cut a small hole in the center for the hanger to come through). 

To soften up your custom wedding veil after shipping, and for hard to remove wrinkles:   Veils made of Bridal Illusion Tulle may be steamed with a home steamer or by a professional (make sure to be cautious of any embellishments- these will be fine- they just need a little extra care by letting the veil completely cool before shaking or moving too much).  Or you may even wish to hang your veil in the bathroom while running a hot steamy shower. 
 Steam is the best way to remove wrinkles and soften a wedding veil! 
 Let the veil completely cool before moving it.  Although veil material can be ironed on a very low setting - we DO NOT recommend this!  If the iron is too hot it will melt the material upon first touch.

Hanging a Long Drop Veil

For long drop veils that need to be folded instead of hanging on a clip, please follow the instructions below. Even if your drop veil has a comb, if it's very long (more than 90" or so) this is the best storage method.

1. As best as possible, lay the veil out flat on the floor and smooth out any wrinkles. 

2.  Fold in half width-wise, smoothing out any wrinkles.

3.  Keep folding (with as few wrinkles as possible) until it is about 12 - 15" wide.

4. Now, start at the top and carefully slide a hanger under the veil.  

5. When the hanger is about half way, pull up and you'll have a nicely folded drop veil.

6.  Place inside the protective storage bag.

Hanging a Gathered Veil

For regular wedding veils that have gathering at the comb, clip the veil at the center of the comb with the teeth pointing up (as show here).

Veil Clip Holding Wedding Veil      Veil Clip Hanging Full Veil

Drop Veils and Mantilla's with No Gathering

For drop veils and mantilla cut wedding veils that have no gathering at the comb, you'll want to clip the onto the top of the comb, with the teeth pointing down.  This lets the material hang in the same direction that it will hang when worn.

Veil Clip holding Drop Veil    Veil Clip Holding Full Drop Veil

Bridal Veil Storage Bag

For all wedding veils we highly recommend storing them inside one of our breathable protective garment bags. 

Inside of a regular plastic garment bag, materials can yellow over time because of the lack of air.  However, these garment bags are made of a light weight breathable material that lets air in and out to hlep prevent yellowing.

For wedding veils that are hanging from one of our veil clips - you simply hang the clip on a hanger and place inside the garment bag!

It's perfect for storing your veil before and after the wedding.  You may even wish to purchase an extra 72" length for your gown!  

Wedding Veil Storage Bag   Hang Wedding Veil Inside Bag

If you wish to have your picture on our website under the testimonial section we would love to include you!  It is very helpful to other brides when they can see how the wedding veil looked on an actual bride.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to e-mail!  

We feel much honored to have taken part in such an important day.  We wish you the best, Congratulations!

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