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Wedding Veil Testimonials pg 7




Cathedral veil.  1 tier veil, 110" long, Extra full (108" wide), Mantilla cut, Custom cut to have just 12" of material gathered at the comb (so top is very sheer and flat), plain/cut edging.  Veil is attached to a 4.5" metal comb.

"Hi Kathy,
Thank you very much again for my beautiful wedding veil. I had the hardest time deciding on a style, let alone finding a veil that met my criteria. You were able to take a vision I had and help me nail down the specs of my perfect veil. The dark ivory fabric was perfect with my ivory color Jim Hjelm gown. I have attached pictures of my wedding veil for you to be included in your testimonial area on the website. I still wear my veil once in a while just for fun =)




Custom Wedding Veil:  An 18" Bouffant veil (single layer), plain/cut edging, attached to a 3" clear comb.  

 "Just thought I would share a photo or two with you from our wedding.   The veil was amazing! I keep getting great compliments on it.

 Thank you,

Rachel K." 



Custom wedding veil.  1 tier veil,  64" long, Standard fullness, Cascading sides cut, Satin cord edging.  Veil is attached to a 4.5" metal comb.  


I would like to thank you for your excellent service and my delight at receiving my beautiful wedding veil which was exactly what I wanted.  It is such a refreshing change from the UK companies where they only sell "standard veils" and have never heard of a cascade cut.  It was also much better quality than the bridal veils I saw in the shops over here.  I have attached a photo showing how it mirrors the shape of the train.

Photo is courtesy of Carl Greenwood, Greewood Photography.

 Many thanks,

Mrs. Anna W." 



Petite fingertip veil.  1 tier wedding veil 35" long, standard fullness, standard cut, rippled edging.  Veil features lightly scattered crystals and pearls approx. 3" wide just along the bottom edge, tapering into the sides.  This brida veil is attached to a 3.25" metal comb. 

 "Thank you again for doing such an incredible job on my wedding veil.  I received so many compliments, and it was just exactly what I wanted.  Here are 2 photos of the veil on my wedding day for you do see how nicely it works with the dress.  Thanks again!

 Warm regards,
Bonnie O." 



 Elbow veil.  2 tier wedding veil 24"/27" long, standard fullness, standard cut, champagne satin cord edging.  Elbow veil is attached to a 3" plastic comb. 


I purchased my wedding veil from you earlier this year and wanted to finally send you pictures of it in action!  The veil was just perfect and I received so many compliments on it throughout the night.  The simplicity and elegance of it was stunning and the quality was top-notch.  The day I received it in the mail I was overjoyed because it really went above and beyond any expectation I had.  Thank you so very much for putting the icing on my entire ensemble!

~Mrs. Melissa H." 



Fingertip veil. 1 tier wedding veil, 42" long, sheer fullness, standard cut.  Veil features a plain/cut edging.  


I purchased my bridal veil from you last year and wanted to send you some pictures from my wedding.  The fingertip veil was simple and beautiful, and it matched my dress perfectly and the price was great!  Thank you so much!




Custom fingertip veil.  1 tier wedding veil, 38" long, Sheer fullness of 54" at the bottom custom cut to 25" at the top (to be more sheer at the comb).  Veil is standard cut, plain/cut edging.  Veil is attached to a 3.25" metal comb.  


I just wanted to say thank you for the gorgeous wedding veil!  It really completed the look I was going for and I so appreciate your attention to detail, fair prices, and speedy shipping!  I included some pictures that you are free to use on your site!

-Jessica K." 



Petite fingertip veil.  1 tier wedding veil 34" long, Standard fullness - custom cut to 60" wide at the bottom.  Veil features a cascading sides cut, pencil edging.  

"I'm so happy I found your site!  I wasn't sure if I wanted to wear a bridal veil at all, or which kind to choose, so I really appreciated being able to look at so many pictures with custom options.  

   The fingertip veil I ordered was simple and elegant -- just perfect.  I detached it from the metal comb and sewed it to the underside of a pretty barrette instead.

Thanks again!

Paula C."



Shoulder veil.  1 tier wedding veil, 24" long, sheer fullness, cascading sides cut, pink pencil edging.  Shoulder veil features densely scattered crystals and seed beads approx 1/2" wide - special request to fade out - all the way around the edges.   Veil is attached to a 3" clear comb.  

"Hi Kathy,

Your company made my wedding veil for my August 10 wedding, and I wanted to share some pictures with you.
I wish you could have heard all the compliments I received on my veil . . even my hairdresser said that my veil was the prettiest, cutest veil she had ever seen - and she's done a lot of weddings!
I was so happy with my custom shoulder veil (and my experience ordering it from you) that I wish I had a reason to order another one!  I am glad I stumbled across your web site in search of my veil. . . . I can't imagine wearing anything else on my wedding day.

Thank you for providing such a great service,

Amy T. "



Petite fingrtip veil. 1 tier fingertip veil,  38" long, sheer fullness of 54" wide at the bottom and custom cut fullness of 25" at the comb.  Veil is standard cut, has a plain/cut edge, and lightly scattered beads 1.5" wide all along the edg.  Veil is attached to a 3" clear comb. 

"I just wanted to say thank you for providing a beautiful bridal veil for a very good price! My wedding was 4/26/08, and I ordered the fingertip veil probably 9 months to 1 year before.  What I ordered was exactly what I got, and it came super fast! Having a custom made veil was such a relief to the bridal store veils which were all way overpriced!  Thanks again!

 ~Crystal Z."


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