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Wedding Veil Testimonials pg 6



 Drop Veil:  Cathedral drop veil with a total length of 134".  Veil features a plain/cut edging, no attachment (used hairpins to pin in place).  

 "Thank you so much for all your help!  You may remember me, I sent you an email claiming my custom veil was not cut correctly and at the time I thought my life was over. . . . You were very helpful in explaining the correct way to place and wear the drop veil.  I wanted to show you a few pics.  The photographer is Tubbs Photography at  Once again, thank you so much!  I loved my veil!

Haronisha S." 



Drop Veil.  A cathedral drop veil with a total length of 130".  Veil has a plain/cut edging, no attachment (bride used hair pins to pin in place).

"I ordered the cathedral drop veil, plain edge, for my April wedding, and I wanted to thank you for it. I received so many compliments and I just wanted to pass some photos along. I think it really complimented my dress. I am so glad that I found your company!




 Drop Veil.  Custom extra long drop veil - 150" long.   Made of Glimmer bridal illusion with a special request to be 72" wide (regular would be 108" wide), plain/cut edging, used hat pins to pin in place.

"I can't say how happy I was with my custom wedding veil! You all did such an awesome job helping me find the best veil for the best day of my life!  Your customer service is fabulous! 




Elbow wedding veil.  2 tier wedding veil at lengths of 26"/27". Dark Ivory - Sheer Fullness, Standard cut, plain/cut edging, attached to a 3" clear plastic comb.
(Bride is wearing a champagne colored gown).  

 I just wanted to let you know that my wedding veil is perfect!  I was worried about the color and length when ordering online but it looks fantastic!  At the bridal shop where I bought my dress they wanted $368  for a similar item.  And I spent under $50 with Occansey, and it didn't even take a week to get!  I would recommend you guys for any new bride to be!

Thanks again, 

Ashley J."



 Custom wedding veil.  Veil is 40" long, extra fullness, mantilla cut, 1/4" ribbon edge, attached to a 4.5" metal comb.  

"I just wanted to say thank you for the gorgeous wedding veil. It is now a family brother's fiance will wear it in her wedding this year. It was perfect and my idea of the perfect veil!
 Nicole K."



Custom wedding veil.  1 tier wedding veil 77" long, standard cut, standard fullness of 72" at the bottom, custom very sheer 25" at the top, plain/cut edging. This wedding veil features a delicate pearl wave design - with special request to use crystals as the main design and 5 pearls in the clusters.  Also, a special request to have the design slightly smoother - a bit less of a wave as in the option photos.  Veil is attached to a 4.5" metal comb.

"Hi Kathy,

        I was married in July 2008.  I ordered my wedding veil from you, and although I knew that I wanted a design and had the fullness, cut, and length sorted out, I could not figure out what design I actually wanted.  You worked with me and helped me to pick out a design.  I received my custom veil quickly, even though I did not pay for rush order or shipping.  
        I liked the veil when I received it, but when I put it on with my dress, I truly fell in love.  It definitely completed my look for that day and I received many compliments on it.  Looking through your testimonials and real photos really helped me, so I wanted to send in my own.  Thank you very much!

-Susan F."



Elbow veil.  1 tier elbow wedding veil,  29" long, Standard fullness (72" wide), Standard cut, 1/8" satin ribbon edging.  Elbow veil is attached to a 3.25" metal comb.  

 "I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful elbow veil you created for our wedding.  The veil was simple and elegant and really complimented my dress.  Here are some pictures from our wedding that I hope capture how beautiful the bridal veil was with my dress.

Thank you again!

Melissa H.
October 4, 2008"



Fingertip veil.  1 tier wedding veil, 42" long, sheer fullness, cascading sides cut, 3/8" ribbon folded/wrapped around the edging.  Fingertip veil is attached to a 3.25" metal comb. 

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful custom veil.  It arrived in perfect condition and you guys were so quick!  Even though I waited till the last minute, it was here with time to spare.  I am amazed at the great quality of your product...the dress shop quoted me 5x the amount for the same veil!!  Keep up the great work.

Thanks again, 

Jennifer E."



1 tier wedding veil, sheer fullness,  35" long (petite fingertip length), standard cut, plain/cut edging, Single bead spaced every 1.5 inches along edging in a repeating pattern of 2 crystals 1 pearl.  Attached to headpiece that client mailed in to us (read more below).  Photography by:  Derek Jenkins Photography

"Thank you so much for creating the perfect mix of old and new for my bridal veil! Our wedding was coincidently scheduled within one month of my parents' 40th wedding anniversary, so I knew I wanted to honor them with "something old" from their wedding. My mom still had her headpiece and veil, but the veil was showing its age and wasn't the style I had hoped for. Kathy at Occansey patiently read my long-winded email about wanting a new veil that could be attached to the old comb, and within hours, I had a detailed description of what Occansey could do for me! Quick turnaround, extremely reasonable prices and friendly service. One of my favorite and easiest wedding vendors, hands down! 

Jenny H."


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